"There is One Mind, knowing and understanding anything else is useless..." 

- Scott Blaise

This work is an unparalleled blend of quantum physics, spirituality, the teachings of Jesus and other timeless sages, biology, and the health of our minds and our bodies. Its theory is based on what the top quantum physicists of our time tell us, which is the same truth that Jesus preached and taught many years before. In blending the science, the spirituality, and the metaphysics supporting this truth, I’ve created a work that will not only educate you on the whys, but will guide you to discovering the hows behind this truth.


Unlike what the commercialized versions of this truth advertise, there is no secret involved and it is the birthright of all mankind to utilize this law so that we can all live our lives full of joy, health, and prosperity.

author Scott Blaise -www.lawofonemind.com - Law of One Mind Book

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